Every fish counts

Innovation fueled by tradition

Fishing is deeply ingrained in our culture. Almost every Icelandic town is built around a fishing port, and our language is rich with words and sayings rooted in fishing.

Since day one, the fishing grounds have been our lifeline. Generation after generation, Icelandic fishermen have battled weather and waves for the catch.

We don’t take that lightly.

We have learned to manage and regulate our fisheries to ensure a sustainable harvest of our fishing stocks. We use science-based methods and extensive research to determine how much fish can safely be caught without harming the ecosystem.

We constantly seek innovative ways to fully utilize the yield and minimize waste. Instead, there is fish skin leather, vitamins, supplements, and medical supplies.

We want to ensure that our waters remain clean and habitable for generations of fish to come. We have made an effort to reduce the carbon footprint of our fishing fleet, which has already met the standards of the Paris agreement.