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Enjoy the quality of fresh Icelandic fish

Fish is a wholesome and nutritious material for a delicious meal. Icelandic fish is just a cut above the rest.

There is a long tradition of fishing in Iceland. We source it sustainably from our rich fishing grounds, and we take pride in delivering the best possible fish to your plate. That is why we take great care of the product, every step of the way.

So that you can enjoy the quality of fresh, Icelandic fish



Every Fish Counts

Fishing is deeply ingrained in our culture.

Almost every Icelandic town is built around a fishing port, and our language is rich with words and sayings rooted in fishing.

Since day one, the fishing grounds have been our lifeline. Generation after generation, Icelandic fishermen have battled weather and waves for the catch. We don’t take that lightly. We treat our waters with respect as we know that sustainable utilization of our marine resources is the key to our survival.

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